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I had a similar situation trying to impliment linux for an ftp server,
replacing SCO.  It wasn't tested thoroughly and as a result broke alot
of things. the corporate reaction was similiar to the one decribed but,
linux after a time was re-introduced successfully at a later date.  after 
better testing.

> Well Greg, I think that depends entirely on your point of view. As an
> individual who is responsible for our own internal corporate network
> along with several client networks I would have to disagree with
> you. Based on the little info in the article the companies reaction
> appeared to me to be sound. They made a short term policy to protect
> their network along with a long term policy to follow up on the actual
> cause of the problem.
> What is missing from the article was a cost analysis. How much did it
> cost the company in lost productivity and sales to have their entire
> network down? How much will it cost them to hold up implementation of
> Linux and Samba until it would be properly tested? I would have to 
> think that former would far outweigh the later for most medium to large
> companies. This would then make it a rather sound financial decision to
> hold off on the Linux/Samba combo.
> Please don't get me wrong. I am not against either Linux or Samba but
> in a corporate environment cost more often then not will be a major 
> deciding factor on implantation of new technology.
> Just my opinion for what it is worth.
> Regards, Hugh
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> Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, 
> > From: Greg Dickie Saturday, October 09, 1999 14:21
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> > Pretty scary how stupid some people are.
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