Changing PDC to PDC with Samba and NT

Andreas Miller Andreas.Miller at
Sat Oct 9 14:20:29 GMT 1999


I had the following situation (view from Server-Tool)

1) SNT01 (Samba 2.0.5a with domain login enabled [for speed])
2) SNT02 Win NT 4.0 BDC
3) SNT03 Win NT 4.0 PDC

Now I used the Server-Tool to migrate PDC from SNT03 to SNT02.
I got some error messages, that there was no possibility to start Netlogon.

1) SNT01 PDC (Samba)
2) SNT02 Workstation
3) SNT03 Workstation

Is there a way to fix the problem?
I think it does not help to stop the SNT01 now anymore.

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