SAMBA 2.0 and SP5

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Fri Oct 8 20:54:58 GMT 1999

> We have our profiles setup to go to a seperate share (as suggested in
> the
> Samba-NTDOM docs).  In our smb.conf, the profiles are shared from the 
> [profile] share, and they are pointed to the profile in the global
> section as logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U.  The home directories are
> a different share altogether.  The home directories get mounted as
> drive z:. (Now, in the very distant past, we used to have the
> profiles in the users home directories, but according to the 
> samba FAQ, this was a bad idea (and I can see why), so we changed
> it up about a month or two ago, and about that time, we started
> installing
> SP5 on some of the machines.  Now, I guess I have another question.
> Could the changing of the location of the profiles to a new directory
> somehow "screw up" either samba (doubtful) or NT (VERY likely)?  If so,
> what, if anything, can I do about it without having to do some form of
> salvage on all of the systems (like, is it possible that maybe the 
> NTUSER.DAT file is storing some bad info, getting rid of it might
> aleviate the problem)?  Any help is appreciated.
> To get the desktop information saved to the network, we did nothing
> special (that I can remember --grin--).  We made a default policy for
> the NT workstations, but that was so long ago, I don't exactly 
> remember if we did anything in there or not that might have affected 
> this.

check this out:

I've attached a reg file that I use to "fix" some things.

I put this command in the logon.bat file
regedit /s folders.reg

this folders file couple with an NTCONFIG.POL in the netlogon on the PDC
has shown to do what needs to be done.

that and you should also make the default user profile either:
1. point to the server for one you keep current
2. or keep it read-only and very tidy on the clients in the dir
%systemroot%\profiles\default user (or something like that :)

I keep the users desktop icons in their homedir b/c then they can mess
with them more easily and b/c people like to put crazy stuff on their
desktop and it doesn't eat up their quotas.

edit the attached .reg file in regedit and see what I'm doing.

z: == network home dir.

I can attach my ntconfig.pol if you'd like too.


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