SAMBA 2.0 and SP5

Norman Weathers norman at
Fri Oct 8 20:42:25 GMT 1999

Seth Vidal wrote:
> where does your Desktop dir save to?
> it doesn't frequently save to your network unless specifically
> tell it save it there.
> My registry entries put z:\desktop as there desktop dir.
> where are you saving their profiles? on or off their homedirs?

We have our profiles setup to go to a seperate share (as suggested in
Samba-NTDOM docs).  In our smb.conf, the profiles are shared from the 
[profile] share, and they are pointed to the profile in the global
section as logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U.  The home directories are
a different share altogether.  The home directories get mounted as
drive z:. (Now, in the very distant past, we used to have the
profiles in the users home directories, but according to the 
samba FAQ, this was a bad idea (and I can see why), so we changed
it up about a month or two ago, and about that time, we started
SP5 on some of the machines.  Now, I guess I have another question.
Could the changing of the location of the profiles to a new directory
somehow "screw up" either samba (doubtful) or NT (VERY likely)?  If so,
what, if anything, can I do about it without having to do some form of
salvage on all of the systems (like, is it possible that maybe the 
NTUSER.DAT file is storing some bad info, getting rid of it might
aleviate the problem)?  Any help is appreciated.

To get the desktop information saved to the network, we did nothing
special (that I can remember --grin--).  We made a default policy for
the NT workstations, but that was so long ago, I don't exactly 
remember if we did anything in there or not that might have affected 

> > but then, when they move to another system, and with roaming active, the
> > profile that is pulled up is different then from the other system.
> >
> > This is how wierd it is:  We have one system (NT4 SP4) that the user has
> > a large custom background picture that gets transfered to the server
> > every logoff.  The systems that we have that are NT4 SP5 can have
> > nice backgrounds, but when they logoff, that information is not stored
> > anywhere like it was with SP3 and SP4.  Icon and links are gone, and
> > sometimes
> > other profile information is missing.  It is very strange.  It doesn't
> > bother
> > me too badly because we hardly find reason to change from system to
> > system, but
> > dog-gone.  There are a couple of times when I have logged into systems
> > and I
> > would like to have a "consistent" interface between them (or as
> > consistent as
> > M$ will allow).  It seems that a few people are facing this problem.
> -sv


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