SAMBA 2.0 and SP5

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Fri Oct 8 17:44:47 GMT 1999

yep I guess it could. I'll look at it in more detail. have thought about giving users 
a "RESET" button ( a copy of their registry dumped with REGEDIT ) that they could reload
when things go pear shaped.

However, do you get an   inconsistant "Logon server not available" type message with SP5 wkstns
and NT server?
> Could it be that your profiles have simply crashed? I get that
> here about once a week when some poor joe comes in and complains
> that he can't login to the computer, or that the computer is
> behaving very strange. What I do is simply to remove the NTUSER.DAT
> and things work again. It affects different people differently;
> for some it refuses to grab the profile from the server, for some;
> Netscape refuses to run, for some; printers are forgotten about, etc
> etc.
> I should note that this is on an NT server and not on Samba, but
> I suspect that this is a client problem so the behaviour would
> be similar. Most of the time you can see this in that NTUSERS.DAT
> is exactly 32kbyte large, but sometimes, it can look okay but
> still be crashed.
> Jonas

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