Using NT-Based Printer Controls with Samba

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at
Fri Oct 8 17:33:36 GMT 1999

I use this same product to monitor printing on our network, although we
don't do any printing from samba, it's all NT.  Something that I have
noticed, is that it stores some of it's tracking values on the print server,
in the registry.  This may be part of why it's not working with samba.  I'd
do some more testing, but I still can't figure out how to print from Linux.

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> Subject: Using NT-Based Printer Controls with Samba
> I recently tried to install SoftwareShelf's PrintManagerPlus on a 
> workstation attached to our Samba domain (V. 2.1, head branch code, 
> about a month old) to manage printer accounting from our NT 
> workstations that we have attached to a printer.  
> PrintManagerPlus couldn't 
> find the domain users list, even though the user manager on 
> the client 
> machine saw the Samba domain users fine.  Has anyone gotten 
> this program 
> to work, or does anyone have any good experiences with other printer 
> quota systems that they use successfully with Samba for both the Unix 
> and the NT end? 
> Many thanks for any suggestions,
> Tavis Barr
> Senior Systems Coordinator
> Institute for Social and Economic Theory and Research
> Columbia University

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