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I'm seeing a similar problem with profiles but with the 2.1alpha 10-9-99 as PDC since
putting SP5 machines on the server
Users complain of things going astray - very inconsistant. But then I've heard
people say the same of Roaming profiles with an NT server. Has been noticable
since SP5 but we have SP3,SP4 and SP5 machines and has been observed on SP3 as well as
(also noted multiple directories/versions of profiles userid.001 userid.002 etc even
with delete cached copies set in policy -which IS applied correctly)

Notably, since introducing SP5 machines I started getting 

"Domain controller Could not be found for Domain GEOLXXXX" at logons
(and remote accesses that need passwd) about 10% of the time, worse under loaded
server. wait for a few seconds (10-30secs) then its OK.

 Only thing I notice in the logs every 15mins (log.nmb) is 
[1999/10/04 09:27:33, 2] 
  We are both a domain and a local master browser for workgroup GExxxx.  Do not announce to 
[1999/10/04 09:27:33, 2] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:sync_with_dmb(160)
  Initiating sync with domain master browser TZU<20> at IP 1xxxxxxxx9 for workgroup GExxxx
is there a latency associated with  this sync-ing or is this a red herring? Could this
be related to the profile problems and also occassional "could not locate roaming profile
using cached copy" (paraphrased)?

I'm outa my depth in this area but will track some logs when I get a bit of time.

> Hey, Everyone!
> Well, I am, of course, playing with fire and using the PDC code in
> the samba 2.0.5a release (please don't blaze me on this one -grin-).
> Currently, it has worked rather well with our 10 NT workstations.
> We have roaming profiles working, and in general, people are happy.
> BUT.... Lately, we have been having a couple of problems.
> First, we have upgraded several of our NT machines to SP5.  Now, we
> seem to have inconsistent roaming profile activities.  Those systems
> that are still SP4 push and pull their profiles from the server
> (a RedHat linux 6.0 server Pentium II 266 with 64 M RAM and plenty
> of Hard Drive).  One of our systems will "seemingly" pull the profile
> from the server, but conviniently "forget" several links and settings.
> Then, if this person moves to another system (with SP5), it pulls a
> second profile from somewhere else.  We have even gone in as the
> local administrator on this second system and deleted the local profiles
> in the c:\winnt\profiles directory.  It still pulls some wierd profile
> from somewhere else.  I am just wondering if this is a SP5 problem.

> 	comment = All Printers
> 	path = /var/spool/samba
> 	print ok = Yes
> 	browseable = No
> [netlogon]
> 	comment = Netlogon Services for UBETS Computer Lab
> 	path = /export/netlogon
> [lp]
> 	comment = Samba Printer on TRIO-GW Linux Server
> 	path = /var/spool/samba
> 	read only = No
> 	print ok = Yes
> 	printer name = lp
> 	oplocks = No
> 	level2 oplocks = No
> 	share modes = No
> [pub]
> 	comment = Public Scratch File FULL ACCESS ALLOWED!
> 	path = /export/pub
> 	read only = No
> 	security mask = 0777
> 	force security mode = 00
> 	directory security mask = 0777
> 	force directory security mode = 00
> 	dos filetimes = Yes
> [wp61]
> 	path = /export/wp61
> 	read only = No
> -- 
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