SAMBA 2.0 and SP5

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Fri Oct 8 17:05:25 GMT 1999

> Well, I am, of course, playing with fire and using the PDC code in
> the samba 2.0.5a release (please don't blaze me on this one -grin-).
> Currently, it has worked rather well with our 10 NT workstations.
> We have roaming profiles working, and in general, people are happy.
> BUT.... Lately, we have been having a couple of problems.
> First, we have upgraded several of our NT machines to SP5.  Now, we
> seem to have inconsistent roaming profile activities.  Those systems
> that are still SP4 push and pull their profiles from the server
> (a RedHat linux 6.0 server Pentium II 266 with 64 M RAM and plenty
> of Hard Drive).  One of our systems will "seemingly" pull the profile
> from the server, but conviniently "forget" several links and settings.
> Then, if this person moves to another system (with SP5), it pulls a
> second profile from somewhere else.  We have even gone in as the
> local administrator on this second system and deleted the local profiles
> in the c:\winnt\profiles directory.  It still pulls some wierd profile
> from somewhere else.  I am just wondering if this is a SP5 problem.
I've found that installing policies and setting the location of menu and
profile related directories in the registry (with regedit /s filename.reg)
at login time greatly aids in solving this problem.

I'm using NT sp5 and roaming profiles w/o problem but it does help to
force the file locations with the policies or through a separate regedit.


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