Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 7 13:25:54 GMT 1999

Greg Dickie wrote:
> OK spoke too soon, this does not appear to have any effect 
> on nmbd, who still seems to want to bind to 0.0.0.
> From the code:
> ./nmbd/nmbd.c:    ClientNMB 
>      = open_socket_in(SOCK_DGRAM, port,0,0);
> ./nmbd/nmbd.c:  ClientDGRAM = 
>        pen_socket_in(SOCK_DGRAM,DGRAM_PORT,3,0);
> and the last parameter is the IP address to bind to (0)
> Do you actually have this working?


Do you think I would give you advice without 
verifying it first?...ok maybe, but ont this time. ;)

I ran this type of setup for about a year under 
1.9.18p7 and 2.0-prealpha.  Send me your smb.conf 
and I'll have a look.

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