Broken Pipe problem?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu Oct 7 13:10:45 GMT 1999

John Rooke wrote:
> When some PC's log on it seems to take an age and sits on 
> the NTW splash screen after validating the password with 
> the PDC. The following is an extract of the log.neil log 
> file that was generated during one such incident.

How many enries are in your smbpasswd file?  Since this
is a linear search, you could be seeing the slowdown 
for a user way down in the file.

My experience sort the smbpasswd file as such.

    * all machine accoutns listed first
    * frequent users next
    * any remaining users

of course determining the users to place at the top 
is not always easy.

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