utmp/wtmp support?

Harald Hannelius Harald at iki.fi
Thu Oct 7 09:03:47 GMT 1999

I have an idea:

How about adding support for utmp/wtmp in samba so that one could check
all the connected users with 'w' or 'finger'. This could also be done so
that when one user connects to the samba server, he would be allocated a
tty. So, when I want to reboot the server, the standard 'wall' would also
popup messages on windows clients. I could also use standard unix 'write'
to send popup-messages to users.

This would also add support for logging of users, so I would know which
user has been on what workstation at what time.

So a simple 'w' would print this:

foo     ttyp4   nt-wks1 Wed10am XXXXX   XXXX    XXX     smbd
foo     ttyp3   nt-wks1 Wed10am XXXXX   XXXX    XXX     smbd
bar     ttyp5   nt-wks2 Thu12am XXXXX   XXXX    XXX     smbd
root    tty1    -       10:31   XXXX    XXX     XXX     -bash
user	tty2	-	10:32	XXXX	XXX	XXX	w

The 'WHAT' field could also be something else, the connected share or
something. Would this be hard to implement, or even worthwhile?

Ideas, counterideas? :)

Harald H Hannelius | Harald at iki.fi      | GSM +358405470870

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