becoming local admin on NT (works)

Harald Hannelius Harald at
Fri Oct 1 11:53:07 GMT 1999

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999 Dave.Stevenson at wrote:
> 1/Related to this issue ( but really a uNIX problem)
> Having established the Domain Groups and mapped them to UNIX groups
> and have them all working nicely, how do you get over the problem
> of having to list all users in the /etc/groups file in the "users" group so that

We're running slackware, where every user automagically belongs to the
group 'users'. I think that redhat creates a group for every user, so in
that environment you would be looking up the ladder of hacking :)

Have a look at 'cat /etc/passwd | cut -d ":" -f 4', are the numbers all
the same? If so, you have all users in one group. Else... Sorry..

> they appear in usrmgr?

I haven't gotten them to show in usrmgr either.. sorry. But I'm able to
use the name 'DOMAIN\Domain Users' when setting acl's and policies. Works
fine, and is enough for us. No need for actually viewing the content of
the group yet.

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