Shutting down a NT server remotely from UNIX?

Christian Kumpf Christian.Kumpf at SysTeam-Engineering.COM
Fri Oct 1 08:48:22 GMT 1999


I can't find good Docuemntation about rpcclient (and don't know much
about the necessary NT-tools either), so ask the list:

Is there a possibility to shutdown a NT Server remotely with samba.
Our scenario is as follows:

We have some COBOL-Applications that depend on the locking semantics
from Windows. Since we can't get samba to emulate the Windows semantics,
we want to setup a virtual NT-Server (with vmware) to export the resources
needed for those applications (and use samba for domain control and 
`normal' file-sharing). But we need to shutdown the virtual NT for
Backup purposes.


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