Richard Bleeker richardb at
Fri Oct 1 08:33:39 GMT 1999


I have run the cvs program and it took a couple of hours and downloaded what
I presume to be
the *LATEST* development code which apparently has got support for running
SAMBA as a
primary domain controller. I need it to be a primary domain controller so
that I can log on to the domain using my other NT4 standalone server...I do
not want to log onto a workgroup!

OK, so I followed all the instructions in the FAQ and ran the
smbpasswd -m -a machine_name$
and everything, and I have joined the domain from my NT4 server......ok,
that is great!

Now: How can I administer the SAMBA controlled domain? I would like to use
the "User Manager for Domains" program on NT4 to remotely administer users
and groups etc.?????

PS. Now that I have done the CVS update - how can I find out the samba
version number?

Kind regards,


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