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Tomek Jarosinski tomek at is.fh-hamburg.de
Fri Oct 1 07:48:29 GMT 1999

My samba PDC is working well. I am using 2.0.5a for nt 4.0 and 9x

I have few questions:

1. In NT when a user is in "Guest" group, then when he is working he is
only getting temporary profile, and when he logs out, then the local
profile will be deleted . I have different user groups on the unix side,
how can define that users from some unix  group will be in the guest
group on the NT Client side ? We need to have users with no roaming
crazy profiles.

2. In one departement i have a Samba PDC running on NIS Slave server, so
password synchronization is not possible. Every (more than 1000) samba
user has to set his password before they login to samba domain. I would
like to configure samba & clients in such a way, that those users who
didn´t set their passwords on the unix side with smbpasswd will be asked
to set new password when they login for the first time.

Any tips are welcome.

All the best, Tomek
Have a nice day !
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