becoming local admin on NT (works)

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Fri Oct 1 07:32:18 GMT 1999

1/Related to this issue ( but really a uNIX problem)

Having established the Domain Groups and mapped them to UNIX groups
and have them all working nicely, how do you get over the problem
of having to list all users in the /etc/groups file in the "users" group so that
they appear in usrmgr?

especially when you have crippleware in Solaris 2.6 that seemingly  won't allow 
multiple line entries or even things like


I've seen the discussions in the ntdom archive but didn't see any suggestions re a good

2/ When enumerating groups I don't really want to see unix groups that are not
explicitly in the %SAMBAROOT%/lib/ 

or maybe have the option to include the rest eg something like  

admins=Domain Admins
users=Domain Users

  minor irritation really :-)

> I have accomplished that. That's in the cvs head version though..
> Create a unix group called admin or something like that.
> smb.conf:
>         domain group map = /usr/local/samba/lib/
> $ cat
> admin = "Domain Admins"
> users = "Domain Users"
> Now you should be able to fire up the poledit program om nt, and
> adding/deleting rights for user groups and local machines. 
> If you are really, really intereted I could submit my working ntconfig.pol
> file which you at least could use as a template.
> Have fun..

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