Trust relationship successfully established. But....

Harald Hannelius Harald at
Fri Oct 1 06:54:08 GMT 1999

How do I get the Doman trust relationship working? I have made an 
interdomain trust account for a nt-server which is pdc for its own 
domain. I have added the samba-domain in 'trusted domains', and I get a   
'added trust to samba domain successfully' or similar. But when I want to
add rights to e.g. c:\temp I get an error 'Unable to blaah blaah Samba
domain, because there are no logon servers available'.. How do I add a
'logon server' for the sambadomain on the nts?

What to do.. Seems like it's semi-working. 

I have cleaned up my smbpasswd so that there's only existing unix accounts
in it. I have sorted it, so that the machine accounts are last. All tricks
I've read on this list. I'm even able to enumerate all the accounts with
rpcclient.!!! But listing on an ntw doesn't work. 'Invalid access to
memory location' I get.. 

My smbpasswd is 818 lines.. Could there be a restriction in the amount of

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