Multiple PDCs

Kelly S. Smelser ksmelser at
Tue Nov 30 13:59:45 GMT 1999

	I am currently trying to setup a samba server to use for testing
and I want to use it as a testing PDC.  Our campus network currently has a
single PDC (domain UINDY) functioning on another server to which all
WinNT lab machines login to.  The problem I'm running into with this
test domain (UINDYTEST) is that the samba server does not show up in the
Network Neighborhood on client machines and clients cannot join the
UINDYTEST domain.  However, the workgroup is functioning and I can map
shares that I've created by doing a manual mapping on the client machine.
I had thought it was an issue involving the WINS setup, but regardless of
whether I setup the test server as a WINS server or if I specifically
point to another WINS server the problems still arose.  I also thought the
problem may have been occurring since the server and client machines were
not on the same subnet, but when I put them in the same subnet I still ran
into the same problems.  I know it is possible to have multiple PDCs on a
network as long as they are not part of the same workgroup, and I'm sure
I've had this setup working before.  But, for now I'm befuddled.  Any help
would be much appreciated.  Thnx.


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