Can't See Shares on ONE NT Server

Greg Beyer gbeyer at
Tue Nov 30 19:56:06 GMT 1999

Hello all, please have mercy on a Samba newbie.

I have configured my smb.conf so that I am able to list and mount shares on
any NT4 Server machine in my NT domain except for one, my PDC.

Testparm checks out.  I have gone through the "Diagnosing Samba" document
successfully on all of my other NT boxes but this one.

I am running RedHat 5.2, Smbclient v 1.9.18p7.  Upon execution of 
SMBCLIENT -L  <ntserver> -U <user> I get a prompt for password, input it and
get the browse list, workgroup list  and share names available on my BDC,
and other domain members.  The same works for all of my other file servers.

The same command run against my PDC shows only the browse list and workgroup
list, but none of the shares.
BTW, the PDC is where almost all of my network shares and all of my network
printers are.

Security = user

Can anyone give me a hint about why on the PDC, only the shares won't show,
when everything else shows up OK?

Thanks very much.

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