COngratulations to the Samba team & a litltle Feedback.

Jankok, L. (dsc) Lucio.Jankok at
Tue Nov 30 10:36:14 GMT 1999


First of all let me also congratulate the samba team, guys thank for the
superb accomplishment!
About the book, it is a useful book, you can view an example chapter (5) at or you can
download a copy (html) from samba's main (or a mirror I suppose) ftp site.
It is the first print so you may (as I did) find some errors in it, but I
haven't encounter any critical
error yet.
About samba, I have it running with roaming profiles, policies, network
printers, home directories,
logon scripts, domain logons. encrypted password support etc. etc..  just
like an nt pdc but then
with packet filtering firewall, apache web server, disk quota support and
telnet server for remote
administration.. all this took 87 MB of my HD space (slackware 7.0)... I did
this in two weekends. 
I didn't and still don't feel the need for a "simpler" (depends on your
definition) interface.. swat 
was really useful in the beginning through its help button on each item, but
after I knew what to
do I preferred the simple text interface.. it is a matter of taste.. I don't
like to configure any part of
a server with a gui tool, it is just not a comfortable thought..  

Lucio Jankok

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	Dear Samba Team and all,

	I to want to congratulate you on a job well done. Samba is the iron
	of servers. I have been running it now for 2 years and have never
had a
	problem with it, short of NT trying to screw things up. Just to let
	know, I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done, and
	agree with the others, in that, a simpler interface would greatly
	increase the usage and acceptability of samba in the corporate

	On another note, has anyone used the new book by Oreilly &
	called Using Samba? How is it? I am considering buying it. Thanks
	the input.

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