Having problems with Profiles

Sascha Lützel Sascha.Luetzel at tu-clausthal.de
Tue Nov 30 08:40:32 GMT 1999

I have Samba 2.1 Prealpha un SuSE Linux 6.2 running as PDC.
I can Login to Windows NT Workstn 4.0 SP4, Printing does.
When I login, it seems that profiles where downloaded from the 
PROFILES share, but they doesn't.
All the profiles are created new. I've tryed to change the permissions 
of the Share, but without success. It seems to be a problem of NT, but 
I don't know. Does anybody have any Ideas??? I have also Policies 
created and they work I make them that every User sholud have There 
own Desktop, Nethood, etc..

Sascha Lützel

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