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Mon Nov 29 19:41:14 GMT 1999

Hi all,

    Again sorry about this ongoing profiles question.  I have samba 2.1
prealpha setup as a domain controller.  I can login from windows NT4.0
with no problems.  When I log into the domain I get the welcome to
Windows NT dialog box everytime, there is no "Don't start nexttime"
check box which means that something is not getting updated somewhere to
signify that I have logged in before.  Also my windows options (
toolbar, etc.) don't get saved from login to login.  I can add things to
the desktop and they are stored.  Any clues?  Also what is rpcclient,
does it run under linux?
Also I have usermanager for domains looking at the domain and it gets
all the users and groups when I go to change the profile path it gives
an error saying the parameter is incorrect.  How do I change the
location where NT looks for the users profile.  I ask because if I can't
get user profiles to work through the samba server I want everyone to
just get a profile I setup and put it on every workstation.




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