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Norman Weathers norman at
Mon Nov 29 17:49:57 GMT 1999

Paolo Molaro wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 27, 1999 at 11:30:35AM +1100, Luke Leighton wrote:
> > i need to know whether people think it would be a good idea to retire
> > rpcclient in favour of the following command suite:
> [...]
> > basically, a suite of programs that match nt's .EXE equivalents.
> If you're going to rewrite rpcclient, may I suggest you build a library
> instead and link the new rpcclient with it.
> This way il will be easier to build the other programs and it will be
> possible to create bindings for perl or whatever interpreted language
> you may want.
> Right now rpcclient and smbclient are very useful, but using them
> in non-interactive mode is a bit of a pain (expect is handy, but
> sometime you want greater control).
> Summary: give me a library and I'll give you the perl bindings:-)

I would have to agree that a set of libraries would make creation of
the needed graphical (whether they be X or maybe ncurses or its relatives)

and the complete command line interface would be the most beneficial
of all solutions.  The rpcclient is an excellent tool, but if people are
going to use samba, it will unfortunately have to be familiar to some
people who may never have opened a command line in their life except to
run net use //xxxx.  And besides, it would be great if samba can compete
at all fronts (not just superior file and print serving, but the ability
to be multifacted and easy to use.  Isn't that what the public is crying

But anyway, thanks for the great software!  We use it here, and I can
tell you that we have less down days than any NT domain, and most of
my users, for now, don't miss all of the extra functionality (heck,
none of them new they had it before, and when I tell them what they
do have... Well, you get the idea {grin}).


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