Samba 2.0.6 PDC - almost there, but stuck for now

Tim O'Brien tjobrien at
Mon Nov 29 05:52:00 GMT 1999

I've set up Samba 2.0.6 on a Debian 2.0 system to try out the PDC stuff.
I'm a little new to this end of Samba (I've used it for a long time for
other uses). At this point, I've added the machine, and it logs in (runs
login script, etc). The place where I'm stuck is this: I can't use usrmrg,
srvmgr, or get a user list from the server (can't set up access rights,
there don't appear to be any users). 

Also, I can't get domain admin. The stuff in the NT-Dom FAQ says some parms
have changed, and it appears they have. I know I'll sound like a bonehead
asking this, but I truly couldn't find anything documenting it: 

How do I use the following smb.conf parameters (IE: What goes there? A
path? A user name? What? The man pages tell nothing useful on this):

   domain groups
   domain admin group
   domain guest group
   domain admin users
   domain guest users

Thanks a bunch in advance for any help on this! 


Tim O'Brien <tjobrien at>

OAsys Engineering
Madison, AL 35757

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