ANNOUNCE: Utility to set permissions on registry in profiles (was RE: Upgrading PDC)

Todd Sabin tastas at
Sun Nov 28 16:56:39 GMT 1999

"Mayers, P J" <p.mayers at> writes:

> Ok, after being sufficiently persuaded...  :o)
> I just finished up v0.1 of a utility I call regsec. If anyone has a site I
> can put this on for download, that would be cool.
> The utility basically does the following:
> 1) Uses RegLoadKey to load the registry portion of the profile (ntuser.dat)
> 2) Sets the permissions to a given username (Full Control)
> 3) Unloads it

What does this do to the size of the profile?  David LeBlanc once
wrote a similar utility to replace Everyone with Users, but it had the
unintended effect of greatly increasing the size of the hive's file.
The reason in that case was that most of the keys were actually
sharing the same SD, but going through and changing them all made them
all have their own copy.  I'm not sure if he found a way around that,
but thought you'd like to know; it seems like the same thing could be
true here.


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