vote / opinions required on rpcclient

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Sun Nov 28 03:04:38 GMT 1999


It would be nice  you can get the user manager , server manager etc to work.
Some people run samba on servers and nt / 9x as clients anyway. this way
system admins can have gui tools to change the settings. Some people would
of course want the rpc client to be kept. I wonder if the rpc client could
be kept but at the same time provide support for the micro$oft admin tools?

The x tools would be nice but they'd require work. I wish that I could help
out in the development of samba but I only know VB. Someday I 'll each
myself something else.

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some people are already using rpcclient, and want to keep using it, and do
not want the commands to change.

some people want unix and nt worlds to be kept separate, by not allowing
the two worlds to meet :-)

some people thought i was going to write xregedit, xusrmgr etc, which i am
not - right now (i don't even run X).

the simplest solution is to make rpcclient's behaviour change if argv[0]
changes (the name of the command).

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