Can't create local groups using local group map parameter

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Sat Nov 27 10:49:42 GMT 1999

Hi everyone.  I've been trying to use the local group map parameter to
create a local group on a Samba PDC and a NTS machine acting as a
member server.  I can't get it to work though.  

If absolutely anything is in the local group map file, the User
Manager for Domains application refuses to work and puts up a dialog
saying "Invalid access to Memory Location".  The Samba log file says
"NULL pointer in SAMR_R_ENUM_DOM_ALIASES".  (Typing this up from notes
so I can't cut&paste).

If the offending line is removed from the local group map file, the
User Manager app works as usual.  I've checked out the usual things -
the group exists, permissions etc.  Domain groups work OK.  The code
is from the HEAD branch checked out a couple of weeks ago.

This PDC stuff is really cool!  I like how you have to re-install NT
in order to change from being a domain member to a PDC, but with Samba
you just kill the daemons and edit smb.conf.


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