rpcclient rewrite

Luke Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Sat Nov 27 00:18:54 GMT 1999

ok!  there is lots left to do.  all the commands that involve "handles",
i.e the SAM, LSA, REG and Service Control commands, are working again.

rpcclient works very slowly at the moment, because it reconnects on
_every_ command issued.

the advantage of this is that rpcclient can be made to reconnect to _any_
computer.  e.g:

rpcclient -S nt_pdc -U admin%pass -W domain -l log
nt_pdc$ regenum HKLM
nt_pdc$ regenum \\NT_DOMAIN_MEMBER\HKLM
software etc.

in other words, the regenum command is one of the first to be modified to
take the name of the server as part of its arguments, with the default
being the current server.

to change the current server, do this:

nt_pdc$ rpcclient -S another_server

:-)  all the rpcclient command-line options can be typed in at rpcclient's
"rpcclient" command.  some of them (e.g changing the log file) _may_ have
unpredictable results at the moment.

the reason i did this all is because a) i wanted to b) the underlying API
now supports this [reconnections] c) i intend to do this:

nt_pdc$ samaliasadd alias_name [tab]
will return a list of available domains, and then:

nt_pdc$ samaliasadd alias_name  \\SOME_DOMAIN\[tab]
will return a list of users/groups/aliases on the *remote* domain.

and i couldn't do that with the previous msrpc library architecture.

rpcclient is getting sophisticated!


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