Problem with mounting a share on NT 4.0 using Samba 2.0

Ravi Jonnalagedda ravi.jonnalagedda at
Wed Nov 24 19:11:17 GMT 1999

HI all,

I am new to Unix/Linux... To this world in general.

I have a problem. I have been trying to mount a directory on a SGI
machine with samba running on it.
Initially, since I had public = yes in the [section], it was not
allowing me to write to the files /overwrite them!
So I read thru the smb.conf(5) man pages and introduced the field user =
root in the [section]. Now when I try to log on as the root from an NT
4.0 station, it says...
"Account Not authorized to log on from this station" and does not allow
me to even mount the share!
The second type of message I get is
"Access Denied"
Both error messages are intermittent and do not follow a significant
This is how I log on from my NT workstation

-> Map Network Drive

I log on as \\machinename\share%user
then I type in the password when prompted.

Thats when all the msgs show up.

Can anyone please help me out????

Please send me an e-mail to
geneticaccident at

-- Ravi

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