Transfering profile from a domain to another

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Wed Nov 24 17:52:50 GMT 1999

Log off as the user, log on as local admin, join the new domain, log on as
local admin again, go to Control Panel, System, Profiles, select the users
old profile, click copy, select "allowed to use" as the user in the new
domain, and copy the profile to the new location.


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As I'm testing a samba based PDC, I'd like to transfer the profile from
the previous domain (MHS, NT PDC) to the new one (AMAZONE, SAMBA PDC
2.1prealpha on hpux 10.20)

Assuming the user I want to transfer the profile is jbordier and the PC
I'm working on is PCNTCN14 (NT4 SPx), the only solution I figured out is
to :

- login in the previous domain (MHS) with user jbordier to ensure his
roaming profile is registered/saved on PCNTCN14

- logoff

- login with a local PCNTCN14 administrator account

- create a local account PCNTCN14\txfer with a roaming profile located
in C:\prof

- copy profile MHS\jbordier to c:\prof allowing access to PCNTCN14\txfer
(profile copy is available in system properties, user profile index)

[Should I here login with the PCNTCN14\txfer user to ensure the C:\prof
profile is copied in c:\winnt\profile\txfer directory ?]

- switch the pc to the new AMAZONE domain (samba)

- have coffee as the bl**dy thing is so slow to reboot ;-)

- login again with the local PCNTCN14 administrator account

- copy PCNTCN14\txfer profile to the profile server
(\\BRAZIL\profile\profile, specifying jbordier/<password> when asked for
username password)
I of course allow AMAZONE\jbordier to access the copied profile

See the smb.conf excerpt below
	>   logon path = \\brazil\profile\profile
	>    path = /home/dos/AMAZONE/profiles/%U
	>    writeable = yes
	>    valid users = %U

Has somebody found a faster procedure ?
I've found no clues in the archives.

Laurent Menu

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