Upgrading PDC

NoRM norm at city.ac.uk
Wed Nov 24 16:38:51 GMT 1999

> It should be possible to write a smallish win32 program that calls
> RegLoadHive, loading the binary ntuser.dat file, then setting the ACL on
> that entire hive, and unloading it again. It ought to be about 50 lines
> of code (ish).

Well, I'm more of a Unix bod than a Windows one, so if you could, that'd
really save my bacon.  And seeing as you work the other side of London to
me, I could come and buy you a pint to say thanks.  :)

Another thought I had along these lines  (a cheap and dirty solution):
would just using regedit to export HKCU, then merge it back in for the new
user work too  (incase the above solution fails, or we're being very pushed
for time to solution)?

> And no, it's not possible to have a unix based solution. The program
> would have to run under NT.

Oh pants.  :)

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