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Mon Nov 22 22:42:40 GMT 1999

Just to avoid a bit of confusion...

At 03:29 PM 20/11/1999 +1100, Geoffrey Lee wrote:
>....... Yeh, the code's been changed for the cvs..
>......   use domain admin users = or domain admin group =

This is the origional way of doing it. Still works this way in the
'release' version, ie 2.0.5

Someone else said :

>Reading the faq, I saw that the options domain group map, domain user
>map and local group map are nedeen to create an administrator.

This is the 'new' way, built into the cvs 'head' branch, 2.1.0 and will
presumeably be the way it will be done in future. Refer to the NTDom FAQ if
you are using this version.

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