Upgrading PDC

NoRM norm at city.ac.uk
Mon Nov 22 08:26:56 GMT 1999

We've been using a version of the PDC code for...  blimey, must be nearly a
year and a half now, with over 200 satisfied users.  Now we're gunning to
upgrade to a much more recent version, so that we can take advantage of all
of the new-fangled features such as networked administrator accounts.

Anyway, upon testing a recent copy of the HEAD branch, it all worked fine,
apart from one teensy problem.  Accounts would log in, download their
roaming profile, and categorically refuse to load in the registry settings
for that user.  So the logon.bat which maps their drives complains that
changes could not be saved, and they don't get their nice colours, fonts, et

Is this because of a change in the way Samba is coded, or is it a known
issue with a simple solution?  Having to tell 200+ users that they'll lose
their registry when we upgrade is not something I'm looking forwards to,
obviously.  :)

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