Still problems with Win2KRC2 joining the domain.

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Nov 19 20:33:09 GMT 1999


I still seem to have problems with Win2K joining the domain.

I have the code from a day ago, before Luke's memory fix-ups.

My domain is sambanet.  I have 'domain admin users = rsharpe root' in my
smb.conf, and when Win2K asks me for the username and password of an
account that can join the domain, I specify rsharpe.

However, after a while, Win2K comes back to me and says:

  The following error ...

  The network path was not found.

I have a trace, which shows the Win2K system doing not much more than a
bunch of SAM LOGON requests, most of which are answered by the PDC, with
the last one being unanswered.

Then Win2K does a Query for PDC, and finally, nothing ...

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