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(1) create an entry in the /etc/passwd file (please include the dollar sign
($) when you add the name...) let's call your machine foo. Then the entry
for it would be foo$:etcetcetc...
(2) create an entry in the /etc/smbpasswd file . you can do it by
smbpasswd -a -m foo

notice there is no dollar sign.

(3) on the NT box, change the settings, so that you join the domain.
Remember not to try out the create account option, because that does not
work yet as far as I can tell.

(4) Have fun. :)

Btw, just replace the path of the passwd and smbpasswd file if they aer not
in /etc.

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I am trying to login to my SAMBA 2.0.6 Domain (PDC) from my workstations.
It worked well from Win95/Win98, but how can my NT4 workstations login
to Samba Domain like those Win98/Win95 machines.

When I read smbpasswd manual, I confused with option -m . If I add some
netbios name with this option, then there was an error :
     user "name$" was not found in the system password file

Does anyone know about how to make NT workstations login to my Samba
Domain ?


Suryanto Rachmat

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