Problems with samba as PDC

Mark Szlaga mszlaga at
Thu Nov 18 17:05:04 GMT 1999

   Well I think the title pretty much sums it up...  But here goes

Short problem: Logins work, wins works, browsing works, accessing shares

Long problem: After the machine is logged on, I cannot seem to access any
shares on the server.  Samba is configured to be a primary domain
controller as far as I can tell.  The one and only thing that puzzles me is
the fact that I keep getting the following messages about every 15-30

[1999/11/18 11:39:37, 0] passdb/smbpassfile.c:trust_password_lock(119)
  trust_password_lock: cannot open file /etc/TROY_CCT.SLIMJIM.mac - Error
was No
 such file or directory.
[1999/11/18 11:39:37, 0] passdb/smbpassfile.c:trust_get_passwd(288)
  domain_client_validate: unable to open the machine account password file
for m
achine SLIMJIM in domain TROY_CCT.

Everything I have read tells me to do the command "smbpassword -j TROY_CCT"
but that results in:

modify_trust_password: Machine SLIMJIM is one of our addresses. Cannot add
to ourselves.
1999/11/18 12:23:42 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
password for domain TROY_CCT.
Unable to join domain TROY_CCT.       

So... I'm pretty much stumped here... included is the smb.conf file for the
server.  If there is anything more that is needed just let me know.

Mark Szlaga
Network Administrator
Coast to Coast Telecommunications

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