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Tue Nov 16 23:32:55 GMT 1999

At 09:31 AM 17/11/1999 +1100, Paul Warren wrote:
>On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Tavis Barr wrote:
>> All that mksmbpasswd does is .....
>There is a PAM module around that allows you to do exactly this.  It is
>then trivial to set up such that /bin/passwd changes both passwords, with
>whatever password quality checking you feel like imposing with eg.
>I'm afraid I don't have the URL for the module to hand, but does anyone
>know if there is any intention to include it with the distribution?

PAM_SMB might be what you mean. You can (on a PAM enabled system) do away
with passwords in /etc/passwd altogether. Still need an entry for home dir,
shell etc but rely on ~/smbpasswd for the passwd stuff. Samba goes directly
to ~/smbpasswd and you can allow ftp, telnet, shell and/or http access (as
you select) via PAM and ~/smbpasswd. Makes for a much simpler system to
look after, no password sync required, better security and you can control
access to any number of servers via PAM. 


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