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I'e just realised that I've made a very stupid mistake. Must have left out
the @. Iu'll try it out later tonight. Thanks, or else I think that by
tomorrow all my ahir would be gone because I pulled every lock of it out in
frustration. :)

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> i've recently just decided to fully switch to samba as a domain controller
> to see what will happen. i'm using samba 2.0.5a currently.
> i want to be able to have admin access for my own account. i understand
> i can do it by doing some hacking in the smb.conf file
> how do I do that? I've tried doing the domain admin  users = myuser but
> I logged onto my nt box it just said that I have local and user access

I have Samba 2.0.5a working as a PDC on a Solaris 2.6 NIS master machine.
I am able to login to the PDC and have Administrator access with the
line in my smb.conf  "staff" is a UNIX "group" that is in /var/yp/group or
my userid is a member of the "staff" group.

; needed for "staff" group members to have administrator priv. on pcs.
   domain admin group = @staff

I think I found this info in the Samba-NTDOMAIN archives from around
summer 98.

Hope this helps,

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