Win2K joining a Samba domain

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Nov 15 22:26:41 GMT 1999


more info.  Perhaps useless.

When I try to become a member of the Samba domain on Win2k, it asks me for
a username and password to use.  It says that this account must have
permission to join the domain.

In my smbpasswd file I have at least the following two accounts:

root, who only has the U attribute assiciated with it, 
rsharpe, who has both the U and W attributes.

If I specify root and the root passwd, then I quickly get a message back
saying that the specified net password is not correct, 

while, if I speciy rsharpe, then after a long while I get a message back
that the domain cannot be found.


Have to start writing that chapter soon.

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