Win2000 joining the domain for Samba 2.1.0 prealpha

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Nov 15 10:00:59 GMT 1999

At 09:55 AM 11/16/99 +1100, matty at wrote:
>On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 09:39:31AM +1100, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> i haven't actually come across an lsaopenpolicy3() call yet, however i
>> _did_ come across a lsa opcode 0x2e, and had to code up RPC "fault" PDU to
>> deal with it (which is what NT4 does).
>that might be the LsaOpenPolicy3; when I said 0x3e I was going on memory, so 
>it might be 0x2e. does it look like an policy open & is it followed by an 
>LsaOpenPolicy2 (if it fails)?

Well, with Win2k to NT4.0, we see the 0x2e fail, then Win2K creates \winreg
and then goes rummaging through the registry ... This looks like fin :-(

It seems to look for System\CurrentControlSet\services\Netlogon\parameters\
Seems to be looking for RefusePasswordChange.

Then it closes and opens \samr ...

Then it does an opnum 3E which gets an RPC fault ...

Then it opens/creates \samr again and does an ipnum 0x39 which seems to
succeed and then an opnum 0x06 and 0x05 and 0x07 which all seem to succeed
followed by an 0x32 which also succeeds.

Then a couple more creates of \samr, one 3E which fails.  Then creates
\NETLOGON and tries an opnun 0x28 which fails with a FAULT. Then another of
the same which fails, then another open/create of \NETLOGON with an opnum
of 0x13 which succeeds ...

Arrr, shit, now I am lost ...

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