Win98 Profiles

Steve Litt slitt at
Mon Nov 15 20:56:21 GMT 1999

I did the following workaround:

in ipc.c there are two calls that look like this:

pstrcpy(p2, lp_logon_home());

I changed them back to what they were in 2.0.5a

pstrcpy(p2, lp_logon_path());

This restored 2.0.5a's recognition of the logon path= parameter. However...

Giulio Orsero made me aware that this will reenstate the 2.0.5a bug where
net use h: /home would map h: to the profile path instead of the home
directory. That's why this is a workaround. Hope this helps.

Steve Litt

At 04:46 AM 11/16/1999 +1100, you wrote:
>   I am using my Samba-Server as Win98 logon server. I  have set logon path
>to  '\\%N\%U\profile' but the profile is always saved  direct into the
>home-Directory and not in the subdirectory profile. With  samba-2.0.5a it
>worked as it should !!!!!  I hope you can help me !!!!   Thank you 

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