Win2000 joining the domain for Samba 2.1.0 prealpha

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Nov 15 07:06:11 GMT 1999


Well, I am getting close.

The last lot of changes:

1. Getting Samba 2.1.0 to respond to a GETDC correctly
2. Adding some (fixed) changes from Matt to get Samba to handle writes
   to pipes as well as writeX's to pipes

have got us to the point where the RPC BIND now works, but I still get:

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "sambanet":

A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred.

As far as I can see, this may have been caused by an RPC Request 0x3 opnum 0
from Win2000, to which Samba rteplied and then Win2000 simply closed
\lsarpc and took its marbles home. :-(

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