sync browse list with 2 SAMBA

Jurijs Dorofejevs jurijs at
Mon Nov 15 05:51:18 GMT 1999

I have 2 routers connecting 4 segments and 1 ppp client.
All clients (A-H) using WIN95 or WinNT. PPP cleient is also Win95.
routers - linux with samba. All hosts are in the same WORKGROUP.

                  WINS                                      [G]      [H]
[A]    [B]          |         [C]    [D]          |
                    |                             |  [E]
                    |                             |
                    | [ppp]                       |  [F]
                    |                             |

How can I configure samba on routers to see all computers in Network
Neighborhood? Now, I have WINS server on router1 and all clients use
it IP address as WINS server value.  router1 is also domain master
browser. router2 is configured as local and preffered master browser
for segments with computers (E-H). It collects list of computers from
3 segments, but doesn't sync it with router1. Where am I wrong or what
is another way to solve this problem?

thanx in advance.

            Jurijs Dorofejevs
        "Aizkraukles Banka Ltd."
  Information Technologies Department
     e-mail: jurijs at

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