security=DOMAIN -> security=USER, authentication=DOMAINMEMBER

Matthias Wächter matthias at
Sat Nov 13 20:50:28 GMT 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Michael Glauche wrote:

> >         security = DOMAIN
> If you want samba to be PDC this MUST be security=user !!!
> security=DOMAIN = Samba as a Domain member !

How long will we answer this question in a row? I mean, the question is
correct with that version of Samba (not everyone does RTFM), but the
answer should be: Wait for the next release, then this parameter will have

Voila - here it is. I hope that noone feels steped on his shoes because he
likes to answer this question and becomes unemployed now ... :-)

The patch is separated into two pieces: One is a diff for the docs and one
for the source (should be complete and bug-free but is not tested yet for
something else than security=USER, authentication=LOCAL (== PDC
functionality).) The patch is against 2.0.6

In short: the "security=" option now (again) only has two valid choices:
"security=share" and "security=user". The other options are now
sub-options specified with the "authentication=" parameter.

Share level security:
Old:	security = SHARE
New:	security = SHARE
	authentication = LOCAL (*)

User level security:
Old:	security = USER (*)
New:	security = USER (*)
	authentication = LOCAL (*)

Server level security:
Old:	security = SERVER
New:	security = USER (*)
	authentication = REMOTESERVER

Domain level security:
Old:	security = DOMAIN
New:	security = USER (*)
	authentication = DOMAINMEMBER

(*) denotes default values. If the default value is used the parameter
does not have to be specified.

Please, test it and feed comments to me and to the list!

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?
- Wos waas I

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