adding samba-2.1prealpha as a domain member to samba-2.0.5a?

Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Mon Nov 8 10:09:44 GMT 1999

Hello out there,

excuse me if this is an FAQ, I searched the documentation I have available
and didn't get a clue, so ...

I've installed the latest samba (source from cvs) on my Alphastation
(running RH6.0) and tried to add it to a domain controlled by a
samba-2.0.5a server. The Samba-PDC works alright AFAICS, at least I'm able
to add other windows machines to its domain, but the 2.1 refuses to become
a domain member. It (smbpasswd -j DOMAIN) complains about beeing unable to
connect to port 445 on the PDC (which is true, the port is not bound).

I guess I've overlooked something...


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