Power down (was [latest cvs] rpcclient "sam*" commands have GNU readline completion)

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Thu Nov 4 22:22:30 GMT 1999

Hello folks,

Just to clarify the power down stuff :

1. NTs will (sometimes) do a power down if you do the following 
   a. Replace hall.dll with the one from sp4 called hal.dll.softex
   b. have appropriate hardware.
   c. Fiddle the reg to achieve the desired result.

Reg settings : (some names shortened..) 
HKLM\sw\ms\winnt\currentver\WinLog : PowerdownAfterShutdown : 1

Will add a button to the shutdown screen, 'shutdown and power off'

HKCU\sw\ms\winnt\currentver\Shutdown : ShutdownSettings :
0 - Logoff
1 - Shutdown
2 - Shutdown and restart
3 - Shutdown and power off.
('LogoffSettings' in the same place if you like)

'3' makes the default shutdown behaviour 'shutdown and power off'.

The first reg change may work with some hardware combinations without even
the smarter hal, I have not found one however. The new hal makes it work
with most hardware combos, but certainly not all.

The bad news - even with all of the above, ie ShutdownSettings = 3
rpcclient does not power it down, seems that what ever path the rpcserver
(services.exe ?) users, it does not look at the above reg settings to
decide how to do it. 

Certainly the Win32 function 'BOOL ExitWindowsEx(..)' accepts and acts on
the appropriate flags, interesting the flag values it accepts appear to be
different to the ones luke is offering to rpcclient, reboot to rpcclient is
0x100 and 2 in both reg and flag to the above function.

At 06:21 AM 05/11/1999 +1100, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
>Al Margolis wrote:
>> It is my understanding that this will not work at all with <= NT4 because
>> MS does not have Power Management support (some OEMs have done it
>> themselves, I believe, but it is not in the MS NT install.
>> > > you may have to reconfigure the box (registry?) to power-off
>> > > after shutdown, just like win9x.  check ms kb for info.
>> >
>> > This does not seem to work. (But Microsoft's shutdown tool
>> > does not do any better.)
>> Not to overlook the obvious, but the board and power supply
>> must be capable of doing this.  Not all are.
>Most powersupplys and motherboard that I've used that are "ATX spec"
>don't work properly, even if they're capable.  There is a registry key
>.... If the PS and
>motherboard are capable, and it still reboots, you may be able to work
>around the problem by replacing HAL.DLL with Hal.dll.softex from SP5. 
>I haven't actually tried this, because I don't have time to to do
>another install of NT on vmware to test it.  :(
>	Greg
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