[latest cvs] rpcclient "sam*" commands have GNU readline completion

Al Margolis al at sfex.com
Thu Nov 4 18:13:41 GMT 1999

It is my understanding that this will not work at all with <= NT4 because 
MS does not have Power Management support (some OEMs have done it 
themselves, I believe, but it is not in the MS NT install.

W2K has some Plug/Play and Power Management support and may be able to do 

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Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:
> >
> > you may have to reconfigure the box (registry?) to power-off
> > after shutdown, just like win9x.  check ms kb for info.
> This does not seem to work. (But Microsoft's shutdown tool
> does not do any better.)

Not to overlook the obvious, but the board and power supply
must be capable of doing this.  Not all are.

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