Long file names for WIN 9x Clients

Peter Köhler koehler at idas.de
Thu Nov 4 10:39:31 GMT 1999

Strong advice against smb support = yes.
In 2.0.5a this option causes a filestamp mismatch of files copied
from an NTFS partition: The copies receive the last access date
of the origin instead of the last modification date.

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> I have a sitiation where Win 9x clients are unable to see SOME files that
> they create or exist in shares to which they have a service access on
> 2.0.5a. The files exist in the AIX UNIX 4.2 file system and can be ftped
> etc, to the clients hard drive. Some, but not all files and folders, that
> do not conform to the 8.3 DOS convention disappear from browsing. For
> example, the directory New Folder (space imbedded) can be created and is
> visible until filelist is refreshed, then it disappears from the Windows
> Explorer list. The Explorer option to show all, including hidden, files is
> in effect. The folder/directory, public_html, is not visible but change
> AIX name to public.html and it appears. The file 123456789.txt is visible
> in all cases.
> All files are perfectly visible in a DOS window.
> smb.conf has these settings, as shown by ./testparm:
> default case = lower
> case sensitive = No
> preserve case = Yes
> short preserve case = Yes
> mangle case = No
> mangled stack = 150
> mangled names = yes
> mangled map =
> nt smb support = no
> I suspect the nt smb support = no is the culprit. Can anyone tell me if
> that is a good guess or suggest an alternative? With the "nt smb support =
> no" have I disabled Samba's NT compatible file naming capabilities?
> Thanks,
> -ba-
> Burt Avery
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