Q: Monitoring NT services with rpcclient ?

Bobo Rajec bobo at bspc.sk
Tue Nov 2 15:31:03 GMT 1999

Hi guys,

I'm trying to do some monitoring of our local network, using samba's
rpcclient. I'm using the cvs version of samba.

Question 1: how can I tell if a service on some server runs or not ?
For example:

smb: \> svcinfo MSExchangeMTA 
svcinfo MSExchangeMTA 
	Service:	Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent
	Path:	C:\exchsrvr\bin\emsmta.exe
	Load Order:	
	Dependencies:	MSExchangeDS/
	Service Start:	BSPC\Administrator
	Service Type:	16
	Start Type:	Disabled
	Error Control:	1
	Tag Id:	0

Path is most probably the path to the executable, dependendencies are
the services that need to be started before this can run, etc...  What
i'm missing here is something like service status - running. And btw,
what is service type ?

Question 2: do i need to logon to nt server as administrator if I want
to query the service status ?


	bobo rajec

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