logon servers with both NT and Samba

lnb at cybertouch.org lnb at cybertouch.org
Mon Nov 1 16:50:00 GMT 1999

Hi Greg,
Nt is the pdc, and I have domain logons = Yes Since NT is the PDC in the user
manager for domains, I have it set for profile = ntbox\netlogon\Config.pol and
the logon to z:\\freedom\%UserName%  figuring that the user gets authenticated
by NT, but in his/her windows explorer, the user would have a z:\ which would
actually map \\freedom\%UserName%  but it does not do it. I have a [homes]
section but no [profile] section. By reading the help on user manager for
domains, I get the idea that the connect to, is to do exactly as I wanted.
Instead, it puts all the ms crap like Cookies, History...yada yada in
\\freedom\username. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for replying and by all means send me your scripts. The joke of this is
I was able to setup apache well enough that the box that I mentioned above, is
the official mirror for Samba for Canada.

Life does have its quirks


Lanny Baron
lnb at cybertouch.org
01-Nov-99, 11:50:00
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